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A brand that aims to help families: meet babyduft

Ursula Gigliotti – founder of BABYDUFT
My name is Ursula Gigliotti. I am a Swiss aromatherapist and founder of BABYDUFT natural aromacare. I was working for Dr.Hauschka for several years, as a natural skincare expert as I always loved pure natural skincare. When I was running my natural skincare shop in the city centre of Zürich, I was often asked by my customers, if I could develop a scent for them, that would make them, and their families feel more relaxed. So, I started to create my first aromatherapy line for adults and children at that time on a bespoke basis for private individuals. This is how my brand started.

NATRUE: How and when was your brand created?
Ursula: When our daughter was born in 2013, my husband and I lived in Shanghai and the journey of my own aromatherapy brand started. We lived in this noisy and bustling city and it was hard for my daughter to process all the movement that surrounded her, so I remembered the relaxing recipe I developed for my customers when I had my shop in Zürich. I created the sweet dreams aromaspray to help her to calm down and to cosy up wherever we were. Mums around me were curious why my daughter was always so relaxed and I started to give them the aromaspray as a gift. By this time, I started to sell it. I had to find a brand name and I developedp my first website. BABYDUFT was born and was growing by word of mouth, from mum to mum.

NATRUE: What makes your products suitable for babies from 0+?
Ursula: First of all, the BABYDUFT sweet dreams Aromaspray does not contain any alcohol. The sweet dreams recipe I created was further developed by experts in order to adapt it for large quantities and to check all the ingredients and their concentration. Now, the formulation combines the ancient widsom of medicinal plants and the latest knowledge of phytotherapy. We developed the spray not just as a pillow spray, but also as a body spray.

NATRUE: What are the values of babyduft?
Ursula: The incomparable gentle scent has a relaxing effect and provides a feeling of security. My brand is ideal for children who are feeling fractious, or to help with anxiety or irritability.

NATRUE: How are these values represented in your products?
Ursula: The BABYDUFT sweet dreams Spray contains only the best relaxing oils such as chamomile, rose and lemon balm. In order to give children that feeling of cosiness, we add also mimosa and vanilla.

NATRUE: How can customers use your product?
Ursula: Lightly spritz the Sweet Dreams aroma spray around the child’s bed; for example, on the pillow and/or on a cosy blanket before sleeping. For a more intensive effect, I recommend a single application once onto your child’s chest. That said, you can also use the spray whenever relaxation is required; and for this reason it is an ideal travel companion.

NATRUE: Why did you choose NATRUE?
Ursula: As I previously mentioned, I worked with Dr.Hauschka Products for many years and I am still using them. They were one of the first natural skincare producers with a certification. So when it came to the certification of BABYDUFT I was following the example of Dr.Hauschka, because for me they are the greatest pioneers in the history of natural skincare. Of course, I also did some research and I found out that the NATURE label guarantees transparency and gives consumers certainty about the naturalness of the cosmetics. Especially for a children’s line, trust in the product is very important.

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