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A passion that remains after nearly 140 years: meet Rose und Ann

Anne Feulner, the founder of ROSE AND ANN
I am Anne Feulner, the founder of ROSE AND ANN. I always had a special relationship with the wild rose. My great-grandfather was specialised in manufacturing different products with local rosehips, which are the fruits of the wild rose. In 1886 he founded the family-owned company “Maintal Konfitüren GmbH” which produces different jams. I never lost my passion for rosehips and had the aim to make use of 100% of the fruit. As the pulp is used for the production of jam, the little seeds remained as leftovers. Together with my team and leading experts, we started to press precious rosehip oil on our premises in Bavaria and created a high quality skincare line around it. That was the start of ROSE AND ANN – an organic, vegan, dermatologically tested and certified natural skincare that is based on the latest scientific findings.

NATRUE: How important is wild rose in ROSE AND ANN’s products?
Anne: Our company name already says it: the wild ROSE is very important to us. The wild rose has been very special for me and my family for nearly 140 years. Its seed oil is the heart component of all our products and has been one of the natural wonders of skin and beauty care since ancient times. It is rich in omega-3-6-9 fatty acids as well as valuable vitamins and antioxidants. Wild rose oil has a revitalising and regenerating effect and stands out with its unique orange colour. All rosehips we are using are organic, with European origin, and wildly grown.

Our ROSE REPAIR oil contains our pure organic wild rose oil and is a multi-purpose SKIN CARE oil. Next to the cold-pressed wild rose oil the main active ingredients of our SKIN EFFECT oils are selected plant stem cells. An effective skincare concept for different skin needs.

NATRUE: Which role does sustainability play in your products?
Anne: High-quality organic wild rose oil, extracted from the seeds of wild rosehips, dried and pressed at our premises in Hassfurt, Bavaria – for us this is the beginning of resource conservation and the sustainable use of natural products. With our full circle approach, we use 100% of the rosehip and the seeds are given a new and sustainable purpose.

Values such as trust, credibility, sustainability, and quality are an attitude in which we cannot compromise. The responsible and sustainable use of nature is a matter of the heart for us. Of course, the ingredients of our natural cosmetics do not contain silicones, mineral oils or synthetic substances. We are committed to an environmentally friendly production and manufacturing process. We use PEFC-certified paper and printed further information on the inside of the packaging to avoid any leaflets. The bottle and the doseable pipette are made of glass.

NATRUE: Moreover, your products are Carbon-neutral. How can you achieve this?
Anne: An intact environment is the basis of human existence. That’s why we cover our energy needs with green electricity and furthermore we record all our emissions, in order to reduce them continuously and in the end to avoid them. I’m sure we’re doing a lot of things right. But that’s not enough for us… There are emissions that we are currently unable to avoid. With the support of a certified climate protection project (“Hydropower in Virunga, DR Congo”), we consistently compensate for these unavoidable emissions. With the “carbon neutral” label from “ClimatePartner” we confirm our climate actions.

NATRUE: Why organic cosmetics? Why did you choose NATRUE?
Anne: Nature gives us the most precious gifts. It provides us with everything we need for a balanced skin. We at ROSE AND ANN stand for natural care without compromise. That’s why we only use carefully selected ingredients and pure natural fragrances. The result is a 100% natural, vegan and effective care series that sustainably supports the skin.

The NATRUE label guarantees transparency and gives consumers certainty about the naturalness of our cosmetics. Awarded with the highest certification level “organic cosmetics”, the consumer can be sure that at least 95% of the ingredients come from certified organic farming or controlled wild collection.

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